Hi! I’m Carolyn J Carpenter

I am passionate about producing and promoting projects that empower people to improve their lives as well as their communities!

I am happy to present a new online course, HOLLYWOOD GATEKEEPERS. In this course I have the opportunity to share my experiences while working as a reader in Hollywood for many (many, many) years. I have been having a blast sharing what I have learned! If you’re interested, please join us on our journey. You can learn more by downloading a free guide about being a reader, signing up for our mailing list and/or joining our Facebook group!

I look forward to sharing more information with you!

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“Hollywood Gatekeepers”

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Have you ever wanted to be a Hollywood Insider?Β 

Do you love movies? Do you like to read? Did you know there is an actual job where people read screenplays for a living?

Learn the secret to becoming a Hollywood Gatekeeper!

It’s true! Nearly all Hollywood film companies use “readers” to evaluate scripts before spending thousands, and even millions, of dollars on a motion picture.

Scripts are submitted to the companies and the reader is the first person to read and consider the project. Then the reader makes a recommendation to the company regrading the potential of the script becoming a popular movie. Hence, readers are often referred to as the “Gatekeepers” of Hollywood.

The bulk of the work is done online, which means you no longer have to live in Los Angeles to be a reader.

Yes! It’s an actual job. Check out a free guide to being a reader by clicking below.

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